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Zrzutka.pl – Na dvolny sel.


Arrange delivery and collect money for any purpose! Wallet, finance and crowdfunding all rolled into one – free, no commission.

Accept commission-free payments: BLIK, PKO, mBank, ING, Santander, Pekao, Millennium, Alior, Inteligo, Credit Agricole, Citi, Apple Pay, G Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Idea Bank, Boś Bank, BNP Paribas, Getin , Noble, Bank Spółdzielczy, Bank Plus and regular transfers.

You can use Zrzutka.pl 100% free! Account creation and screenshots are free and we do not receive any commission from the funds you raise.

how it works?

1. Do you have an idea or need? You specify the drop destination, quantity and ready. Find examples of destinations you can set a screenshot for: gifts, birthdays, name days, holidays, travel, New Year’s Eve, relief, schools, games, programs, strollers, medicine, surgery, vets, Doctors, Diagnosis, Bills, Premiums, Collection, Animals, Dogs or Dogs, Cats or Cats, Horses or Horses, Infants or Babies, Bills, Bills, Finances, Savings, Purse Money, terminals, payment cards.

2. You add descriptions and photos. You invite family, friends or whoever you want. You can invite via SMS, Facebook and other options. It is also worth sharing your screenshots on social networks.

3. You accept donations. Thanks to the use of payment gateways, payments are calculated in your screenshots in up to 1 minute!

4. You withdraw the funds collected in the screenshot to your bank account whenever and as often as you want. Withdrawals are usually credited to your account within 1 minute of your order! This is possible thanks to our innovative payment solutions.

A few words about us:

1. More than 500,000 users have registered on spalka.pl and managed more than 650,000 screenshots (current information can be found below in the section “How it works” on spalka.pl).

2. The amount of funds collected by our users (as of April 6, 2021) is PLN 429,069,336.

3. Some compare us with Siepomaga or Patronite. Still, it’s worth a try to make up your own mind 🙂

4. We are a national payment institution regulated by the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority. We maintain the highest security standards – see details at spalka.pl/bezpieczenstwo/.

5. You can contact us at any time by writing to the following address: [email protected].

Zrzutka.pl is a tool for self-organization of fundraising for any chosen purpose, free of charge, without commission. Zrzutka.pl is not only a platform for crowdfunding (crowdfunding – crowdfunding of selected projects) and fundraising (fundraising – raising money through the support of individuals, companies, foundations). It is primarily a virtual wallet/piggy bank into which anyone who is interested in a specific cause can throw: fundraising for charity, for gifts, for projects/business, for travel with friends – you name the goals. you specify Zrzutka.pl is a “combination” of platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo with the world’s most famous virtual wallet – PayPal. Screenshots can be provided by private individuals as well as companies, foundations or institutions. Take a screenshot, invite your friends and see how easy it is to make money online!

Ways to Install Zrzutka.pl – Na dvolny sel.

1. Download Zrzutka.pl – Na dvolny sel.

2. Open up Zrzutka.pl – Na dvolny sel.

3. Tap Install
4. Tap OK
5. Adhere to the actions on display. up till Zrzutka.pl – Na dvolny sel.

mounted on your phone

Ways to Make it possible for programmer option

1. Faucet Setups
2. About phone
3. Faucet MIUI variation (Click 7 times to enable designer choices).

Shut off MIUI optimization

1. Open the APK Zrzutka.pl – Na dvolny sel.

Downloaded and install before
2. Click Setups
3. Open Developers Setups
4. Shut off MIUI optimization
5. This establishing will take effect after you reboot your gadget.

Turn on Unknown sources

1. Click Settings
2. Added Details
3. Privacy
4. Torn on Unknown device

follow all steps above and Zrzutka.pl – Na dvolny sel.

will installed on your phone.