TV remote control for Roku: R-Remote

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TV remote control for Roku: R-Remote


🚩 Do you want to use your smartphone to remote control Roku? With our app, you can control your Roku device be it Roku Stick, Roku Box, TV Remote and Roku TV with your Android phone. With a universal remote control with the following remotes in one package, just download our Roku Remote Control Magnet to control multiple devices.

Roku remote control has simple design, intuitive interface, no complicated settings. Especially with universal remote control, screen mirroring for all Roku TVs. Try it – we are sure that everything will work out! With us, you’ll enjoy high-quality Roku controls, incredibly simple setup for your Android device, and easy-to-use apps!

If you want to use the best Roku remote available, download our Roku Remote app to enjoy a clean interface and access to the best universal remote control features.

💎💎 ROKU remote control features: 💎💎

✌️ Roku screen mirroring, screen sharing on any Roku Stick, Roku Box and Roku TV

✌️ View photos/music/videos with big screen mirror

✌️ Adjust volume and change TV channels using Roku TV

✌️ Control Roku with your phone or tablet

✌️ TV remote control and its inputs are switched

✌️ Screen mirroring, play/pause, fast forward, reverse

✌️ Roku remotes automatically scan devices with no setup required

✌️ Can write text from mobile to TV with direct TV control with built-in fast keyboard

✌️ Support screen mirroring with clear images

✌️ TV remote control with easy-to-use arrow keys (up, down, right and left)

✌️ Roku Control can record sound, transfer image, audio, video

✌️ Quick and easy buttons to control Roku

✌️ TV remote control can transfer photos, videos, music from phone to TV with Roku remote control

🚩 with Roku Remote Control – Smart control of Roku TV , we want everyone to have the best Roku remote. So we created a multi-functional remote control, in just a few simple steps your remote control will be set up. No need to use different remote control, just use one app from your mobile phone to control all your devices from this universal remote app.

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Email us or leave a comment here, any helpful ideas are welcome. Your contribution will help us continue to develop better Roku remote controls in future releases.

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Ways to Install TV remote control for Roku: R-Remote

1. Download TV remote control for Roku: R-Remote

2. Open up TV remote control for Roku: R-Remote

3. Faucet Install
4. Click OK
5. Adhere to the steps on screen. up till TV remote control for Roku: R-Remote

set up on your smartphone

Ways to Allow designer option

1. Click Setups
2. About phone
3. Faucet MIUI version (Click 7 times to enable designer option).

Shut off MIUI optimization

1. Open the APK TV remote control for Roku: R-Remote

Downloaded in the past
2. Click Setups
3. Open Designer Settings
4. Switch off MIUI optimization
5. This establishing will take impact after you reboot your phone.

Turn on Unknown sources

1. Click Settings
2. Additional Information
3. Personal privacy
4. Transform on Unknown device

follow all steps above and TV remote control for Roku: R-Remote

will installed on your phone.