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The next rib


[Tindakan yang harus diambil jika terjadi kegagalan]

If the program does not run

· Please check the Android version on your smartphone!

(Android version 10.0 or higher) Update Android system web view from Google Play Store

(Android version 9.0 or lower) Update Chrome from the Google Play Store

Path】 Phone settings > About phone > About software > Android version

If you cannot authenticate yourself with the operator

· Liv Next can be used from age 14 and up with a smartphone in your name. Please confirm that your smartphone name is correct!

· For foreign customers, the name (including upper and lower case letters and spaces) registered in the bank and the telecommunications company must be the same. Make sure the names registered in your telecommunication company and bank match!

If the authentication text does not come

· Please check if the text message number of Kookmin Bank KB (1522-1600 / 1588-9999) has been registered as a spam number.

Path】Messaging app > Settings on the top right > Block phone numbers and spam > Block messages > 1522-1600 / 1588-9999 > Unblock

contact us

· Liv Next 1:1 customer communication window

Path】 All Menus > Customer Center > My Next Gear

KB Kookmin Bank Customer Center: 1644-9999, 1588-9999

Service Connection Line】Rive Next Service Connection Code: Kookmin Bank Customer Center ARS Button Type (No. 2) Advisor Connection (No. 0) Internet Banking/Star (No. 3)

[Pengantar Live Next]

Let Liv Next help you achieve your first financial independence.

“Riv Pocket” is as convenient as your personal account

・Age 14-18, you can make it with only one phone in your name.

· Easily receive pocket money like an account with a pocket number starting with 2525.

· Pocket money received in cash can be put in your pocket at the CU Mini Market.

· The transfer fees are of course free.

* What if I already have an account? You can use it by registering an account without pocket.

Not my mother’s card, but my real “next live card”.

· Charge in gear pocket and pay easily with your card.

· Powerful discount card is a stunningly designed bonus for trendy teenagers!

· If you register in the Live Next application, you can easily pay in online shopping centers.

・The function of T-money transit card is basic.

No fees for ATM deposits and withdrawals with just one mobile phone

At the nearest KB Kookmin Bank ATM or Mini Market ATM

· You can easily deposit and withdraw money without a card.

Deposit and withdrawal fees are of course free.

“Okay~ Is it possible to send money?”

· Play with your financial friend, the gypsy.

· Gypsy equipped with artificial intelligence also analyzes your financial habits and tells you.

Ask anything when bored. It tells you everything from simple conversations to weather information and encyclopedias.

Financial life with friends and family

· Is the money in your pocket low? Give your parents a little bit of your heart with the squeeze function.

· Share the consumption you enjoy with your friends, Dutch Pay.

· Express each other’s feelings by “sending hearts”.

Sweet management consumer life

· There is a “Money Journal” function that allows you to manage your pocket income/spending.

· Have fun with the funny stickers you get when using the app.

Easy and fun content

· Hearts gather only with fun. The cute skin of the heart is a bonus..

· Choose the donor you want to help and invite your friends to a good donation school.

· Go to school every day, join Liv Next and the Miracle School Challenge.

What are you worried about? Talk about a game of balance. Liu Kim will listen.

· Volunteers work quickly and easily with mobile phones. Of course, we also offer hourly services.

Secure financial life

· KB Kookmin Bank’s strong security system protects it.

· Use with confidence.

The ribs I made Next

· If there is an error or improvement during use, you can write your comment.

The magic of making your idea come true.

· If you press “Customer Center” in the whole menu, it is waiting for you.

[Panduan Pengguna]

Live Next can be used by any Korean citizen who has a smartphone in their name and is over 14 years old. (Your mobile operator authentication is required, and personal authentication and membership registration may be limited on tablet PCs.)

For secure financial transactions, if the operating system is tampered with, such as a jailbreak, the use of the mobile operator’s services may be restricted.

You can download via 3G/LTE/5G, wireless internet (Wi-Fi) from mobile operators. Please note that data charges may apply if you exceed the capacity set forth in the Company’s Charge Policy.

[Pemberitahuan Izin Akses Aplikasi]

According to Article 2-22 of the Law on Promotion of the Use of Information and Communication Networks and Protection of Information, etc. and executive amendments, we request the following rights from customers to provide services.

[Hak akses opsional]

· Contacts: remittance, dutch payment, pocket money

· Location: base area and KB search, ATM search confirmation

Camera: Take a photo of the ID and take a QR when paying

Storage: Save profile photos, money transfer confirmations, receipts, etc.

· Microphone: A video call is in progress

· Notifications: push notifications

· SMS: Authentication and SMS sending

· Biometric authentication: login and authentication

Items to Check for Credential Damage (Preventing Voice Phishing Damage by Customers Using Live Next through Malware Detection): Malware Identification Information, Diagnostic Information in Detected Malware

* Even if you do not agree with the selected access permission, you can use this service, but some functions may be restricted. Also, if you have unnecessary access rights among the allowed access rights, you can deny the use of access rights in “Settings > Application Management”.

How you can Install The next rib

1. Download and install The next rib

2. Open up The next rib

3. Tap Install
4. Click OK
5. Adhere to the actions on screen. until The next rib

mounted on your phone

How you can Make it possible for designer option

1. Faucet Settings
2. About phone
3. Tap MIUI version (Click 7 times to allow programmer choices).

Switch off MIUI optimization

1. Open up the APK The next rib

Downloaded before
2. Click Setups
3. Open up Developers Setups
4. Switch off MIUI optimization
5. This setting will take effect after you reboot your gadget.

Turn on Unknown sources

1. Click Settings
2. Extra Information
3. Privacy
4. Torn on Unknown device

follow all steps above and The next rib

will installed on your phone.