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MKB mobile business


MKB Mobile Business is a mobile banking application for legal entities and private entrepreneurs who are customers of JSCB Microcredit Bank.

The mobile application is designed to manage your account. Everything that matters to you and your business. With MKB Mobile Business, you are always online, and your business is always in control wherever you are!

With MKB Mobile Business you can:

– Send payment order

– Make payments within budget

– Round-the-clock access to information about operations on accounts

– Create statements

– Monitor exchange rate changes

– Create payment order templates

– Payment with forms made in Internet banks.

– View the contract

– Show accounts and blocked accounts in the file cabinet

How to Install MKB mobile business

1. Download and install MKB mobile business

2. Open MKB mobile business

3. Tap Install
4. Faucet OK
5. Adhere to the actions on screen. until MKB mobile business

mounted on your smartphone

How to Allow developer option

1. Click Setups
2. About phone
3. Tap MIUI version (Click 7 times to allow developer option).

Turn off MIUI optimization

1. Open up the APK MKB mobile business

Downloaded in the past
2. Click Setups
3. Open up Programmer Setups
4. Turn off MIUI optimization
5. This setting will take result after you reboot your smartphone.

Turn on Unknown sources

1. Click Setups
2. Extra Info
3. Privacy
4. Transform on Unidentified device

follow all steps above and MKB mobile business

will installed on your smartphone.