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JRku – Jasa Raharja


JRku is the latest application from PT Jasa Raharja (Persero) that can help you provide information and ease of service to people who have had public transport and road traffic accidents in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 33 and 34 of 1964.

Among the best features of JRku, including:

1. Providing online compensation

2. News of the latest traffic situation

3. Payment for public transport protection programs

4. Review of SWDKLLJ of personal motor vehicles

5. My Trip which can record your travel activities

6. Online payment security guarantee

7. Finpay Mobile electronic money and features of purchase and bill payment transactions*

*) SAMOLNAS beta version payment (testing by developers and specific users)

We continue to develop applications to provide the best service to the community.

For more information, contact PT Jasa Raharja (Persero) service center

Facebook – Facebook

Instagram – @pt_jasaraharja

Twitter – @pt_jasaraharja

How to Install JRku – Jasa Raharja

1. Download JRku – Jasa Raharja

2. Open up JRku – Jasa Raharja

3. Tap Install
4. Tap OK
5. Follow the actions on device. until JRku – Jasa Raharja

set up on your smartphone

Ways to Make it possible for developer option

1. Click Setups
2. About phone
3. Tap MIUI version (Click 7 times to enable developer option).

Shut off MIUI optimization

1. Open the APK JRku – Jasa Raharja

Downloaded and install in the past
2. Click Setups
3. Open Programmer Settings
4. Turn off MIUI optimization
5. This setting will certainly take result after you reboot your gadget.

Turn on Unknown sources

1. Click Settings
2. Extra Info
3. Personal privacy
4. Torn on Unidentified device
follow all steps above and JRku – Jasa Raharja

will installed on your phone.