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Information insurance (Tatia insurance)


Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA) started its journey on January 26, 2011 with the mission of safeguarding the interests of policyholders and regulating, promoting and ensuring orderly growth of the insurance industry of Bangladesh. Its responsibilities towards policyholders and insurance companies. As part of its ongoing initiatives, Idra has recently launched a digital platform to provide various online services to policyholders and insurance companies and to bridge the information gap that may exist between Idra, insurance companies and policyholders. Has introduced. This digital platform is known as UMP (Unified Messaging Platform). It is not only a messaging platform but a building block to fulfill our national goal of providing digital services (policy-repository, e-receipt, e-KYC, e-dealer verification, BI tools, actuarial valuation, SMS, email, policyholder ) Is. web portal, policyholder mobile app, etc.) for every imaginable aspect of life. The purpose of “UMP Policyholder Mobile Application” is to provide important information and services for policyholders. Idra gradually converts the important information of each policy into a digital format known as e-policy, which Idra stores centrally. The electronic insurance policy will contain information such as the profile of the policyholder, policy conditions, history of insurance premium payment, policy status, etc. Policyholders can view up-to-date information about their policies through the UMP Policyholder Mobile App. The platform is expected to help reduce the information gap that may arise between policyholders and policy providers, insurance companies. It is said that this direct connection between the insured and IDRA increases trust and loyalty between insurance companies and their customers.

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