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Gusto wallet


Now employees who get paid through Gusto can work with their money with Gusto Wallet.

Gusto Wallet helps you earn, save, spend and borrow directly in your Gusto account. This is the easiest way to control your financial future.

– Receive payment up to two days in advance with Gusto shopping account [1]

– Saving towards specific goals with automatic saving

– No minimum balance, account fees or overdraft fees [2]

– Get a Gusto debit card for simple shopping

– Manage your money with payroll splitters

– Easily view paychecks and tax documents

– Clock in and out, check timetables and more instantly

We want to make sure you have all the details you need. Here is some legal information about the numbers, who we work with and more:

[1] With a Gusto shopping account, your payments can be processed up to 2 days in advance. Timing depends on the time of sending the funds paid by the employer.

[2] Some fees may apply, such as out-of-network ATM and foreign transaction fees. Check the terms and conditions carefully.

Gusto is a payroll services company, not a bank. Target savings, checking accounts and debit cards issued by NBKC Bank, Member FDIC, Gusto.

FDIC insurance is provided by nbkc bank, member FDIC. Any balances you have with nbkc bank, including but not limited to balances held in Gusto accounts, are pooled and insured up to $250,000 per depositor through nbkc bank, Member FDIC. If you have joint funds, those funds are separately insured up to $250,000 for each joint account holder. nbkc bank uses deposit network services, which means that at any time, all, none, or some of the funds in your Gusto account may be profitably deposited on your behalf at another custodial institution regulated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). FDIC) insured, placed and deposited. ) For a complete list of other depository institutions in which funds may be deposited, please refer to Balances Transferred to FDIC-Insured Network Banks After Funds Arrive at the Network Bank. For more information about the transit deposit insurance that applies to your account, please refer to your account documentation. Additional information about FDIC insurance can be found here

Ways to Install Gusto wallet

1. Download and install Gusto wallet

2. Open Gusto wallet

3. Faucet Install
4. Faucet OK
5. Adhere to the steps on display. up till Gusto wallet

set up on your telephone

How you can Make it possible for developer option

1. Faucet Setups
2. About phone
3. Faucet MIUI variation (Tap 7 times to make it possible for developer choices).

Switch off MIUI optimization

1. Open up the APK Gusto wallet

Downloaded previously
2. Click Settings
3. Open up Designer Settings
4. Shut off MIUI optimization
5. This establishing will take result after you reboot your phone.

Turn on Unknown sources

1. Click Settings
2. Extra Details
3. Personal privacy
4. Torn on Unknown device

follow all steps above and Gusto wallet

will installed on your smartphone.