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Fintro Easy Banking


With the Fintro Easy Banking application, your bank is always at your fingertips.

With the Fintro Easy Banking application, your bank accompanies you everywhere on your smartphone. This application provides all the facilities and features you need for daily banking transactions.

Here are some of the many features offered by the Fintro Easy Banking app:

• Log in easily and securely with your fingerprint or using your Fintro Easy Banking code and device recognition.

• Consult your checking and savings account holdings.

• Review of operations performed in the last six months.

• Find deals quickly thanks to the convenient search function.

• Find out what you’ve spent on your credit card during the month.

• View the number of investment products in your portfolio.

• Perform standard transfer and instant transfer.

• Manage your stakeholders.

• View your account statements.

• Make mobile payments with Bancontact.

• Zoomit: Pay your gas, water, electricity and phone bills easily.

• Apply for online banking products.

Fintro Easy Banking app offers maximum user convenience thanks to attractive design, clear images and easy navigation.

Fintro Easy Banking application is a complementary service to Fintro easy banking web. All Fintro customers over the age of 18 who have Fintro Easy Web Banking can access this directly. Download the app for free. You can use it immediately.

The best ways to Install Fintro Easy Banking

1. Download Fintro Easy Banking

2. Open up Fintro Easy Banking

3. Faucet Install
4. Click OK
5. Follow the actions on screen. up till Fintro Easy Banking

set up on your phone

How to Enable programmer option

1. Faucet Settings
2. About phone
3. Faucet MIUI variation (Faucet 7 times to allow developer option).

Turn off MIUI optimization

1. Open up the APK Fintro Easy Banking

Downloaded before
2. Click Setups
3. Open Designer Settings
4. Turn off MIUI optimization
5. This setting will take impact after you reboot your device.

Turn on Unknown sources

1. Click Setups
2. Extra Details
3. Privacy
4. Torn on Unidentified device

follow all steps above and Fintro Easy Banking

will installed on your device.