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Editing music videos – Vidma


Vidma Video Editor is a modern viral video editor that is easy to use. A wide selection of effects and transitions, hundreds of music and sounds, change the background, create slow motion, add stickers, emoji and more!

Editing videos is more fun with a simple but intuitive display. Editing viral music video photos just got easier with Vidma Editor!

Try editing videos with the following materials and advanced features of Vidma

đŸŽĩ a lot Viral music selection: Make a music video for pause, Jedug? Can!

✌ī¸ can Multiple traces: Make videos from photos and songs even easier

😎 Popular video transfers: This is the secret of the transfer of the professional editor!

Create 🤖 sound effect You can also just select the effect you want

✔ī¸ Export HD ✔ī¸Transparent quality ✔ī¸No watermark!

🔃 Start editing current videos and make them go viral on TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook, WhatsApp and more!

Secret photo and video editing program for professional editors

✂ī¸ Image correction device Most accurate: Can split, copy or merge videos and photos

đŸŽŦ Create slow motion: Increasing the speed of videos? Slow down the video speed? can all!

đŸŽŦ Edit videos the transfer It’s great when you combine videos

⏚ī¸ the product Video clips to record interesting moments or set frames

đŸ“ŧ Effects certain And VHS which you often see can also be made in Vidma

đŸ“ē Create PiP (picture in picture) in Vidma ala vlog

đŸ•ē Video editing application Jadog’s pause The secret of content producers in making viral music videos

đŸŽļ Video editing with music and text

Video and photo editing will be easier with Vidma. Add video transitions, video filters, sound effects and viral stickers selected by professional creators!

đŸŽŦ Make a video with music

Edit photos with songs? Edit videos with photos? # Use Vidma Bisa ! Hundreds of quality viral music ready to use. In addition, you can also add subtitles or text to videos

đŸŽŦ Photo video maker with music

Vidma is an easy-to-use video editing program for editing photos into movies, even if you’re not skilled at it. You can combine videos and photos or combine photos and music easily.

đŸ–ŧī¸ Photo slideshow maker

Merge photos by adding cool edits using Vidma Clip Maker. Use this photo slideshow maker, create photo slideshows for vacations, family outings or just for fun!

đŸ–ŧī¸ Video background editing application

If you want to change the video background, this video editor app is perfect. Vidma Video Editor helps you change video background quickly and easily!

đŸ’¯ HD video export for TikTok, Facebook

Vidma Music Video Editor offers ready-to-use sizes for all social media to suit your needs. Export your work up to 4K 60FPS like a professional content creator!

👇😎 Come join thousands of people #ClassyEditor Vidma

– Discord: discord.gg/aXFwX82

– Email: [email protected]

#VideoEditor #PakeVidma Bisa #JedagJedug

⚠ī¸ Disclaimer / Disclaimer

– Vidma editor is not affiliated with any of the platforms mentioned above.

– Get permission from the legal owner of the video before reposting.

– Respect the relevant rules and regulations

– Vidma editor is not responsible for the violation of intellectual property rights by users

Ways to Install Editing music videos – Vidma

1. Download Editing music videos – Vidma

2. Open Editing music videos – Vidma

3. Tap Install
4. Tap OK
5. Adhere to the actions on device. up till Editing music videos – Vidma

installed on your smartphone

How to Allow developer option

1. Click Settings
2. About phone
3. Tap MIUI version (Faucet 7 times to enable programmer option).

Turn off MIUI optimization

1. Open up the APK Editing music videos – Vidma

Downloaded and install previously
2. Click Setups
3. Open Programmer Setups
4. Turn off MIUI optimization
5. This establishing will certainly take result after you reboot your device.

Turn on Unknown sources

1. Click Settings
2. Additional Info
3. Privacy
4. Transform on Unknown device

follow all steps above and Editing music videos – Vidma

will installed on your phone.