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The new BlinkCash app gives you the financial freedom you deserve. Instant Savings/Investments or Loans, Transfers, Floating Banking Agents and many more, this is just your digital bank.


Now there’s an easier way to save. Blinkcash helps you organize your savings regularly, daily, weekly, monthly or as you wish.

Download the app

• Create an account

• Create a savings plan

• Save periodically

• Earn daily compound interest

Why save at Blinkcash?

• Blinkcash is powered by registered licensee Baines Microcredit Bank

CBN regulated and NDIC insurance

• The interest rate is very competitive and is popular in the market

• Withdraw from your savings plan on or before the maturity of the plan.

• Withdrawals are free if made after the due date, but if the withdrawals are made before the due date only for fixed deposits, you may lose some of the interest earned.

• Lock your savings plan for at least 30 days or more and enjoy daily compound interest.

• Enjoy free health insurance from an accredited HMO when you lock in your savings for at least 6 months.

• Stay disciplined in saving.

• Save with flexible plans to suit your needs. With Blinkcash you can save regularly (daily, weekly or monthly) and fix a certain amount of money for a certain period of time or save without receiving interest.

• Don’t worry about your profit, we offer daily compound interest for your savings. Your savings interest is deposited into a fixed or savings plan on a daily basis.

• Your data and money are safe with us because we partner with a PCI-DSS compliant payment processor to handle all your card details.

• Create a halal savings plan to enjoy interest-free savings

24/7 support

We are always ready and eager to help you achieve your financial goals! If you have feedback, questions or concerns, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by email.

Instagram: www.instagram/blinkcash



Whatsapp: 08000blinkncash 09031111888


Getting a loan has never been easier. Arrived in 4 quick steps.

• Download the app

• Create an account.

• Apply for a loan

• Get your loan directly to your wallet

Another interesting fact is that you can increase your loan limit every time you pay off the loan immediately.

Since we work 24 hours a day, you can apply anytime, anywhere and make sure you get your loan instantly.

Bill transfer and payment

We offer interbank and intrabank transfer services to any bank account in Nigeria

Our transfer fee is competitive

Buy credit and pay the bill directly from your wallet

This encourages you to build your credit score in the program.

Wallet financing

Each wallet created has a Nuban account that can be used to fund the wallet via bank transfer from any bank in Nigeria.

This wallet can also be funded through your ATM card from any bank in Nigeria

Price and cost

Our loans range from N5,000 to N500,000 and the age limit to apply is 21 years. The loan period can be between 30 and 90 days.

Interest rates range from 5% – 35% with a monthly interest of 5% – 30% with an annual percentage rate of 60% to 365%.

A typical example is:

• We do not require collateral. All you need is to download our Blinkcash app on your mobile phone.

• We serve all categories of loan applications. Whether you are self-employed or a breadwinner, our loans are available to help meet these urgent needs.

How to Install Blinkcash

1. Download Blinkcash

2. Open Blinkcash

3. Faucet Install
4. Tap OK
5. Adhere to the steps on device. up till Blinkcash

installed on your smartphone

How to Allow designer option

1. Faucet Setups
2. About phone
3. Faucet MIUI variation (Click 7 times to make it possible for designer choices).

Shut off MIUI optimization

1. Open up the APK Blinkcash

Downloaded and install previously
2. Click Settings
3. Open Designer Setups
4. Switch off MIUI optimization
5. This setting will certainly take effect after you reboot your device.

Turn on Unknown sources

1. Click Setups
2. Additional Info
3. Personal privacy
4. Torn on Unidentified device

follow all steps above and Blinkcash

will installed on your smartphone.