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10 million programs downloaded! Banksalad is an innovative app that manages your health and financial assets easily.

You can manage your health and collect all your financial assets in an instant with free genetic testing.

Personal information required to link your financial assets with the application is not stored on our internal servers. It is used for information query purposes only.

Health care begins with free genetic testing

– Every morning at 10! We offer free genetic testing.

– View my TOP3 innate abilities based on genetic test results.

– You can also know the rank of your 63rd general.

– We even recommend health care tips according to the test results.

– You can collect health check records.

– Investigation of possible diseases and investigation of preparation funds.

■ You can get a loan from Salad Bank.

– You can compare interest rates and limits you can accept in a minute.

– It takes 5 minutes to deposit! Don’t worry when you are in a hurry.

– Get loan offers without affecting your credit score.

■ Quick and easy mortgage loans

– Find interest rates and limits that match your circumstances.

– It is always changing, so it reflects a hard law in itself.

– Compare subprime loans at once without worrying about DSR.

■ Manage two credit scores at the same time, increase your credit score

– You can view and manage credit scores from two credit rating agencies.

Find the right information to assess your credit and improve your credit score.

■ All assets at a glance from accounts and cash to loans

– All the authentication required to connect the asset is possible without a computer.

– You can manage all your assets from account balance to card details, manage points and loans with one app.

-Check how much my property has increased.

■ Easy management of income and expenses with automatic household account book

– Automatically enter and categorize income, expense and transfer details. The family’s three-day account book is over!

– Manage various Pay Money payment details such as Kakao Pay and Toss.

– Custom manage budget settings, edit details and category settings

– Try to know your consumption patterns by analyzing your income and expenses.

■ Find cards that match your shopping habits

– You can compare the cards of different financial companies.

– We recommend cards that match your spending pattern.

– View cards with more benefits even if you spend the same amount.

– You can collect cashback events from all domestic card companies and enjoy more benefits.

[Pertanyaan Umum]

s. How are genetic test results managed?

Genetic test analysis data is provided by Labgenomics, which has established a strict information security and protection system, and the information is not shared with any third party except Banksalad. Salad Bank is also only used to provide healthcare services in accordance with the terms and conditions and is never given to third parties.

Salad Bank is a company that has undergone strict security checks and has received credit information management from the Financial Monitoring Service and a digital signature certificate from KISA, and manages customer data with a security system equivalent to financial institutions.

s. I need to disclose sensitive asset information, can I trust the security of Bank Salad?

Bank Salad attaches the highest value to security. Customer information (certificates and passwords, financial company accounts, etc.) is stored and managed encrypted on the customer’s mobile device, not on Salad Bank’s servers.

The information entered when registering and using the service is encrypted with a proven reliable algorithm. Customer information is encrypted and protected during the entire communication between the customer’s mobile device and the Bank Salad server.

s. How is personal information protected?

Salad Bank complies with the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea that information and communication service providers must comply with and complies with the guidelines on personal information protection regulations.

All personal information will be used only for the purpose of collection and use and duration of use and will be destroyed without delay if the customer requests withdrawal or withdraws consent.

[Otoritas penautan]

■ Banking

KB Kookmin Bank, Kakao Bank, Shinhan Bank, Toss Bank, Woori Bank, NH Nonghyup Bank, KEB Hana Bank, K Bank, IBK Industrial Bank, Saemaul Bank, Daegu Bank, SH Suhyup Bank, Post, Citibank, Kyongnam Bank, etc. .

■ Card

Shinhan Card, Kookmin KB Card, Samsung Card, Hyundai Card, NH Nonghyup Card, Hana Card, IBK Industrial Bank Card, Toss Card, Kakao Bank Card, Citi Card, Post Office, etc.

■ Electronic finance

Kakao Pay, Toss, Payco, etc

■ Securities

Kiwoom Securities, Toss Securities, Mirae Asset Securities, Korea Investment & Securities, Shinhan Investment & Securities, NH Investment & Namu Securities, etc.

■ Insurance

Meritz Fire, Samsung Fire, KB Insurance, DB Insurance, Samsung Life, Kyobo Life, Shinhan Life, Heungkuk Fire, Dongyang Life, Nonghyup Life, etc.

■ Others

National Health Insurance, Property, Car, National Service Household Tax (Cash Receipt), Financial Monitoring Services (Integrated Pension Portal) etc.

■ loan comparison interest rate loan 97 including unemployment loan, small loan, sunny loan, credit loan and….

Salad Bank, Daishin Savings Bank, Jeonbuk Bank, Hana Savings Bank, Shinhan Card, Korea Capital, Lotte Capital, Kyobo Life Insurance, JT Chinae Savings Bank, 8%, Sangsangin Savings Bank, Kiwoom Ya Savings Bank, Daegu Bank, HB Savings Bank, OK Capital, DB Savings Bank, Hana Capital, IBK Savings Bank, Jinju Savings Bank, Woori Financial Capital, Kiwoom Savings Bank, Kwangju Bank, Inseong Savings Bank, and Pepper Savings Bank for loan hire consignment agreements (No. 2021 – 005) , are. Sales representatives of loan products registered under the Financial Relations Act and identifiable in the integrated inquiry system for loan lawyers.

– Integrated interest rate range: Min 2.82% ~ Max 19.9% ​​per annum / Maximum interest rate of 2% applies / Maximum loan term 120 months, minimum 12 months / Sample loan repayment: 1 million KRW 6.0% per annum for 12 months With the same principal and interest rate of KRW 86,066 per month, the total payment amount is KRW 1,032,796.

Other institutions will also apply in the near future.

[Permintaan layanan]

If you have any questions, contact us through the channel below.

1. Download the app [Semua] > Customer Center at the top or bottom right of the app [Beranda] > top right [☰] > Customer Center

2. Email [email protected]

If you search for “Bank Salad Customer Center” on Naver, you can also check the FAQ.

Information about rights to access services

◼︎ Optional access rights

– Files and media: When using shared certificates in the asset linking process, you can request to store or use shared certificate files.

– Phone: To prevent the use of fraud such as voice phishing, authentication of the user’s mobile phone can be required.

* Even if you do not agree with optional access rights, you can use this service.

* If you do not agree to optional access rights, it may be difficult to use some functions of the Service normally.

The best ways to Install Bank salad

1. Download and install Bank salad

2. Open up Bank salad

3. Faucet Install
4. Click OK
5. Follow the steps on screen. until Bank salad

mounted on your smartphone

How to Make it possible for programmer option

1. Faucet Settings
2. About phone
3. Tap MIUI variation (Click 7 times to make it possible for programmer option).

Switch off MIUI optimization

1. Open the APK Bank salad

Downloaded before
2. Click Setups
3. Open Developers Settings
4. Shut off MIUI optimization
5. This establishing will certainly take impact after you reboot your smartphone.

Turn on Unknown sources

1. Click Settings
2. Extra Info
3. Personal privacy
4. Torn on Unknown device

follow all steps above and Bank salad

will installed on your gadget.